Hot Latina Vicki Chase Gets Broken In To

vicki chase

Vicki Chase is a Latina hotty with almost perfect typical look and features, a nice ass, a great overall body, and a she’s a hot fuck too. The story of this scene is almost as good as the girl, so here goes:

Vicki Chase is home all alone while her husband is traveling abroad, and she gets scared when she hears that a convict escaped from the nearby prison and is said to be dangerous. Next thing you know, the thug is in her home! The sexy little Latina is afraid, but when she starts seducing the big, bad man, he almost seems more frightened of her! But when she pulls out his big dick and starts sucking on it, he relaxes and fucks her brains out until he pops a massive cumshot on her face. The little Latina wants more, but the jailbird splits and goes on the lam!

It’s a great fuck scene, a nice mess cumshot, and all that stuff. Pure hot Latina porn at it’s best!

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