Lucky Pacino Gets to Bang Ana Sofia

I think Pacino has got to be one of the luckiest guys in the world. He gets to travel around Central and South America looking for hotties to nail. You know, real girls, sort of the chica next door types that are way too much fun. Ana Sofia is one of those girls, a horny piece of Latina tail who loves to fuck. She’s got very tiny tits, but a nice rounded ass and a shaved pussy that is always horny for some fun. So when Pacino suggests a little afternoon siesta back at his hotel, Ana Sofia is all over it. This Latina hotty just loves to fuck, plain and simple, nothing fancy, just “stick it in my spicy taco and fuck me hard!” is pretty much where she is at! Oh yeah, she ends up with a creampie pussy too, nice shot Pacino!

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